Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The next chapter...

Can you believe it? My next post will the the big ONE YEAR! Stay tuned for cake smashing photos & party fun.

I vowed to do the week by week posts for the first year but it's a lot to keep up with it so after our 1 year post I'll be posting a monthly update on milestones & growth and we'll check in between monthly posts with random cute photos from whatever we've been up to.

Thanks for watching our sweet baby girl grow this past year! We are looking forward to all that this next year holds for us.

51 Weeks & 52 Weeks

I'm catching up on the past two weeks. We've survived the first round of sickness other then minor colds. Emma Claire spiked a fever and we found out she had double ear infections. They caught it early so luckily for us she wasn't miserable. We had a few days before the diagnosis where she wasn't quite herself but for the most part it didn't slow her down much.

She has picked up on alot the past two weeks. Here are a few of her new tricks:
  • Blowing kisses - best thing ever! She will blow them to us at random times.
  • Saying woof woof
  • Picking up her toy phone and putting it up to her ear like she's answering it
  • Climbing the steps - she picked up on this quick! She can made it all the way to the top. She loves to crawl over to the stairs and when you come after her she just giggles.
  • Saying bye bye. I dropped her off at school one day and told her bye bye. She looked right back at me and said clear as day "bye bye". Most of the time now she whispers it or mouths the words when waving.
  • Definitely saying Mama and Dada now with intention. She will even point at Kyle and say Dada.
  • She loves to point now. If you show her a picture of a doggy, kitty, myself, Kyle, or Elmo she will point accordingly if you ask her where's the doggy, where's Dada, etc.
Here are a few pictures from these past two weeks.

She uses Savannah as a jungle gym. Fortunately Savannah doesn't mind.

She is starting to really show interest in our nightly storytime.

Having a blast at school!