Friday, January 28, 2011

50 Weeks

What a fun-filled week for Miss Emma Claire. At school this week she made her first art project! Just adorable. She's really thriving at school and she has perfected her wave bye bye. When I drop her off in the mornings she holds our her arms for her teachers, smiles at me, and waves bye. She will even wave now without prompting when we start to leave somewhere.

A note from one of her teachers - all of the staff know & love her!

On Saturday we went to Lilley's 2nd birthday party. It was an adorable farm themed party and we had lots of fun! Emma Claire looked like such a big girl at the table with the older toddlers. I wasn't planning on letting her have any cake (I wanted to save it for her birthday) but they set a plate in front of her and before I could take it away she dove in with both hands and went to town! I can't wait to see her on her birthday with a whole cake!

On Sunday, Kyle, Emma Claire, and I met our friends Tony, Iti, and their son Sebastian for lunch and then headed to Marbles Kids Museum to let the little ones play. We had a great time and can't wait to take Emma Claire back when she can do more.

New this week, Emma Claire has learned how to strum her lip with her finger making a sound. She will mimic us while we do it and she also does it on her own. We also are fairly sure she is saying Mama and Dada now but unsure how intentional it is. She is also trying to say Doggy. She makes the "d" sound when she sees Savannah. I'm also fairly certain I heard her say bye bye once. She's quite the dare devil and has absolutely no fear. She will completely let go of whatever she is holding onto and is starting to cruise between objects that are close together. She also was able to climb a few stairs this week at Grandma & Pop's house. Here is one last random pictures from our week. Savannah was standing outside the door and Emma Claire was watching her.

49 Weeks

I've let myself get behind in my posts which means the weeks are running together. My only real note for this week is that Emma Claire begin waving bye. She is also up on all fours now while crawling and getting better each day at it. We made a trip to Charlotte and here are a few pictures from our time with family.

Watching Brayden's basketball game with Poppy

Racing with Brayden

At the Christmas Tree Burning Party with Aunt Courtney

Bundled up with Jackson

Pulling up on anything and everything!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

48 Weeks

We are getting awfully close to 52 weeks! Here is what Emma Claire has been up to this week...

She has been chewing on her fingers alot and a few other possible symptoms of teething. We don't see anything peeking through yet.

On Monday we had a playdate with Davis. Davis' mom and I went to the same school growing up and they have relocated to the area. We had a lot of fun and can't wait to do it again!

Emma Claire starting drinking out of a straw this week. She does really well with it and Mommy is happy because she's finally found a cup that doesn't leak. Her new favorite food is "Craisins". She loves them and if she can see the bag she fusses for more.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

47 Weeks

We had a great & busy week with our growing girl. It seems like the past few weeks she has been taking huge strides. New this week is sitting up on her own from lying down and pulling up to standing in her crib. We had to move her mattress down and most of the time when we go to get her out she's sitting or standing waiting on us. She's also starting to cruise a little and also try to take steps when you hold her hands but she still doesn't quite have the hang of it. She also loves music and will frequently start dancing when you play it. I picked her up one day this week from school and they said she woke up from her nap and starting dancing to the music that was playing.

Watching it snow before it quickly turned to ice

On Saturday we went to meet Baby Cora - the daughter of my college roommate. We can't wait until she gets bigger and the two of them can play together.

46 Weeks

Emma Claire had a big week this week. Monday was her first day at a daycare center - I prefer to call it "school" and I transitioned back into the office five days a week. While I would much prefer being at home with her, I am pleased with where we placed her. She goes outside every day (weather permitting), has music twice a week, PE of sorts once a week, and will eventually have chapel once a week when she moves up to the toddler room. She's becoming more and more busy & active so I think it will good for her to have the other babies to interact with. So far she has done well and has not cried at all when dropping her off and she seems happy when I pick her up. Apparently she's taken to following another little girl in her class around.

Ready for her 1st day of school!
She also went to her first Carolina Hurricanes game on Monday. Daddy is all excited because he thinks he has a sports fan on his hands. She had a lot of fun checking out all of the sights and sounds.

Watching the Canes warmup
Lots of progress in mobility this week! At the beginning of the week she was pulling up to her knees but she quickly progressed to pulling up to standing. She even gets brave enough to let go with one or both hands from time to time. Her crawling is improving as well but she has taken to crawling with her head on the ground? I've only seen her do it briefly but apparently she crawls around her classroom this way.

Her new favorite food is blueberries. She shovels them in as fast as we give them to her. She's getting better about eating her veggies. And most dinners, she eats all or a portion of what Kyle and I are having. She also started drinking out of a sippy cup this week. She still plays with it quite a bit but she's getting better.

In adding to clapping consistently, she's getting better about waving. Kyle left for work this morning and I was trying to get her to wave. As soon as he walked out of the door, she started. We've also started working with her on some baby sign language which they also use at her school.

It's been a busy but good week with our baby girl!