Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First Camping Trip

Over Memorial Day weekend, we took Emma Claire on her first camping trip to Jordan Lake. Kyle's entire family went and we had a great time. Emma Claire adores her cousins (both sides) and she had a great time hanging out with Tyler & Lane. She absolutely LOVED camping and has been asking to go back. Needless to say, this was the first of many camping trips I'm sure.

I was nervous about how she would do sleeping in the tent. At home she will say "Mommy lay down two more minutes" but her first night in the tent she told me "you go out the door".

Running around in the tent
Dirt cakes with Grandma
She caught her 1st fish with Grandma's help!

Strawberry Picking

This year was our first year picking fresh strawberries. We went to Porter Farms one day after school. Emma Claire honestly didn't get as much into it as I thought she would but she did actually try the strawberries and will now eat them which is more then she did before we went. We enjoyed it though and I found a simple & amazing recipe that we will be using for years to come.  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Ride on the New Hope Valley Railway

 For a special treat, we took Emma Claire to ride the train at New Hope Valley Railway. Our friends, the Kings, came along with us. The ride takes about an hour including time for them to move the steam engine from one end of the train to the other to pull you back. Emma Claire loved it and stayed propped up on the window sill for the entire train ride. Several weekends later she asked in the sweetest voice, "you take me to ride the choo choo train today?" 

Choo choo!

Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday, we started the day out getting dressed up for church. Emma Claire was actually able to wear the same Easter dress as last year. Being little has its perks! After church, we headed over to Grandma & Pop's house for an Easter egg hunt with her cousins. I wasn't sure how she would do but she caught the hang of it right away!


Dyeing Easter Eggs

Big Girl Bed!

Emma Claire is now sleeping in a big girl bed! We took the rail of her crib a few months ago and she slept that way for a few months with a bedrail on the side to keep her from rolling off. We picked up her new bed at Ikea on a trip to Charlotte and she's done great with it! Knock on wood, she hasn't attempted to get out it yet. She loves that both Mommy & Daddy can get in the bed with her for storytime & prayers before going to sleep.

Water Fun!

Another warm spring day and this time Savannah got to join in the fun. She was a good sport and let Emma Claire chase her down squirting and dousing her with water.A fun afternoon ending with jeep rides, silly faces, and roaring at Daddy as well as some snuggles with Daddy.