Monday, July 18, 2011

Super Proud Mommy

A few weeks ago we dug out the potty we inherited from my nephews for Emma Claire's bathroom since we had been successful intercepting a few bathtime disasters by sitting her on the big potty. The intent was to sit her on it every night so she could get used to it but we had not yet started that.

Last night when getting her ready to get into the bathtub she went over and opened the lid to the potty. I asked her if she needed to go and she nodded yes. I took her diaper off and sat her on it not expecting anything. I continued to run the water and when I went back to get her she had used it! I asked her if she was done and she nodded yes. Kyle & I were completely blown away that at 17 months she initiated using the potty all by herself.

By no means are we going to force potty training at such a young age but we will continue to encourage her signs of readiness and hopefully potty training will go smoothly when the time comes!