Friday, January 28, 2011

50 Weeks

What a fun-filled week for Miss Emma Claire. At school this week she made her first art project! Just adorable. She's really thriving at school and she has perfected her wave bye bye. When I drop her off in the mornings she holds our her arms for her teachers, smiles at me, and waves bye. She will even wave now without prompting when we start to leave somewhere.

A note from one of her teachers - all of the staff know & love her!

On Saturday we went to Lilley's 2nd birthday party. It was an adorable farm themed party and we had lots of fun! Emma Claire looked like such a big girl at the table with the older toddlers. I wasn't planning on letting her have any cake (I wanted to save it for her birthday) but they set a plate in front of her and before I could take it away she dove in with both hands and went to town! I can't wait to see her on her birthday with a whole cake!

On Sunday, Kyle, Emma Claire, and I met our friends Tony, Iti, and their son Sebastian for lunch and then headed to Marbles Kids Museum to let the little ones play. We had a great time and can't wait to take Emma Claire back when she can do more.

New this week, Emma Claire has learned how to strum her lip with her finger making a sound. She will mimic us while we do it and she also does it on her own. We also are fairly sure she is saying Mama and Dada now but unsure how intentional it is. She is also trying to say Doggy. She makes the "d" sound when she sees Savannah. I'm also fairly certain I heard her say bye bye once. She's quite the dare devil and has absolutely no fear. She will completely let go of whatever she is holding onto and is starting to cruise between objects that are close together. She also was able to climb a few stairs this week at Grandma & Pop's house. Here is one last random pictures from our week. Savannah was standing outside the door and Emma Claire was watching her.

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