Sunday, January 9, 2011

46 Weeks

Emma Claire had a big week this week. Monday was her first day at a daycare center - I prefer to call it "school" and I transitioned back into the office five days a week. While I would much prefer being at home with her, I am pleased with where we placed her. She goes outside every day (weather permitting), has music twice a week, PE of sorts once a week, and will eventually have chapel once a week when she moves up to the toddler room. She's becoming more and more busy & active so I think it will good for her to have the other babies to interact with. So far she has done well and has not cried at all when dropping her off and she seems happy when I pick her up. Apparently she's taken to following another little girl in her class around.

Ready for her 1st day of school!
She also went to her first Carolina Hurricanes game on Monday. Daddy is all excited because he thinks he has a sports fan on his hands. She had a lot of fun checking out all of the sights and sounds.

Watching the Canes warmup
Lots of progress in mobility this week! At the beginning of the week she was pulling up to her knees but she quickly progressed to pulling up to standing. She even gets brave enough to let go with one or both hands from time to time. Her crawling is improving as well but she has taken to crawling with her head on the ground? I've only seen her do it briefly but apparently she crawls around her classroom this way.

Her new favorite food is blueberries. She shovels them in as fast as we give them to her. She's getting better about eating her veggies. And most dinners, she eats all or a portion of what Kyle and I are having. She also started drinking out of a sippy cup this week. She still plays with it quite a bit but she's getting better.

In adding to clapping consistently, she's getting better about waving. Kyle left for work this morning and I was trying to get her to wave. As soon as he walked out of the door, she started. We've also started working with her on some baby sign language which they also use at her school.

It's been a busy but good week with our baby girl!

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