Monday, December 27, 2010

45 Weeks

This week was Emma Claire's first Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve with my side of the family and Christmas Day with Kyle's side of the family. Emma Claire was spoiled by all with new toys, books, movies, bath toys, clothes, a CD player, and keepsakes. She didn't get much into the unwrapping of presents but she did like eating the ribbon.

We also had a big snow the day after Christmas - somewhere around 8 inches. We took her out in it for a few minutes and although she couldn't touch it she seemed to like it. She liked watching Savannah run around in it.

A few new things from this week... She has started raising her legs perpendicular and spreading them when you pick them to wrap them around your waist. It's really cute! She is also starting to pull up on the side of the tub, my legs, and on toys. She has gotten up on her knees a few times to play with toys or reach something.

One of her favorite new toys!

First Christmas as a Family

Christmas Morning in her chair Santa brought her

Emma Claire met her Great Grandpa Bowman for the first time

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  1. How adorable! The first picture she is SO happy about Christmas! Hope it was wonderful!