Monday, December 27, 2010

44 Weeks

Our big news for this week is that Emma Claire started crawling! We went to Savannah for the weekend and when we returned on Sunday night she was down in the floor and took off. Mind you, she doesn't get up on her hands and knees yet but it's a trench crawl and she gets where she wants to go.

As for our trip to Savannah, it was our first "vacation" as a family. We've been to visit friends and family but this was our first "vacation". She was a complete angel the entire weekend despite her schedule been disrupted and few naps. Everywhere we went people commented on how good she was. We toured the Green Meldrim House, walked all through Savannah, visited Bonaventure Cemetary, & Wormsloe Plantation. We also had lunch at Mrs. Wilkes Boardinghouse. Emma Claire loved the home cooking! She had green beans, lima beans, black eye peas, fried chicken, macaroni, biscuit, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, and even a bite of banana pudding! She also loved my baked ziti I had for dinner one night. It was definitely a different trip having her along but we had a lot of fun and look forward to taking her on more trips as we hope she inherits our love of traveling.

Outside the Green Meldrim House

Lunch at Mrs. Wilkes

Ride a horsey on River Street
Wormsloe Plantation

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