Thursday, April 8, 2010

7 Weeks

Emma Claire is 7 weeks old! We've seen lots of changes this week including some sassiness finally starting to come out these past few days. She has real tears now and when you don't feed her quick enough you are sure to see them! She's been grabbing at things - her toys, my necklace, my hair, etc. and she is getting better and better everyday at holding her head up. She doesn't mind diaper changes and bathtime as much anymore. We've been putting her in the tub with us swimming her around to get her ready for the pool this summer!

We had a fun week. Our favorite nurse, Miss April, (who took care of Emma Claire in the Transition Care Nursery) and her husband Trey came over for dinner. And Emma Claire was spoiled rotten by our families on her first Easter with lots of presents.

Here are a few pictures from our week.

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  1. It sure is hard to go to work and leave my beautiful ladies at home. I still don't know where all the sassiness comes from.