Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10 & 11 Weeks

I’ve gotten a bit behind on my posts so I’m combining week 10 and 11 since it all runs together in my head. Emma Claire is doing great and growing everyday! She is smiling more, starting to make more baby noises other then grunting, and starting to focus more intently on people and objects. She will watch ceiling fans, her mobile on her swing, etc. She’s now outgrown her newborn clothes and is wearing size 0-3 months. Her legs are getting stronger and she is starting to really push off our laps when we are holding her. She is also starting to show excitement – most noticeable right now is when she is getting ready to nurse. She will coo and move her hands and feet with excitement. She puts herself to sleep now – we lay her down in her cradle at night and she goes to sleep on her own.

Napping with Pop
Watching her swing mobile

Her First Playdate with Miss Lilley

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