Sunday, July 19, 2009

My 1st post as a Mama!

Yesterday after 6... yes 6... pregnancy tests, I finally got a positive and took 1 more just for good measure. They were the fancy digital tests so there was no mistaking... PREGNANT. I didn't really think I was because I've felt great but I was 18 days late so nonetheless I kept taking them every few days. It still hasn't quite sunk in yet and I don't know that it will until we go to the doctor and see the ultrasound or hear the heartbeat. I hope to get an appt. scheduled for sometime this week. According to the online due date calculators, I am 6 weeks along which makes the baby's due date somewhere around March 9.

Kyle is in Vegas this weekend so he hasn't heard the official news yet. Needless to say I didn't want to send him a text, "BTW, you're going to be a dad" so I figured I would hold off. There was an "iffy" test before he left so it won't be a complete shock. He gets back tonight around midnight so I plan on snoozing on the couch so I wake up when he gets home. I have wrapped up an NCSU paci that my mom bought years ago to break the news to him.

As for now, no one else knows. The blog is hidden for the time being until the big announcement but I thought I would chronicle some of our early thoughts and adventures!

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