Thursday, October 14, 2010

34 Weeks

Our sweet girl is changing every day. Several times this week Kyle and I have remarked about how grown up she seems. She's now sitting up on her own - she will topple over from time to time but she is doing well. She can also sit back up now if she bends over to pick something up. She's busy, busy, busy these days - always playing, rolling, and into everything. Kyle and I were reminiscing about the days where we just sat on the couch in the evenings and held her while she sleeped.

She has also started this week to be a little clingy to Mommy, especially when she is tired.

Emma Claire and I made another road trip to Charlotte this week. She spent the day with Nanny while I worked on Friday and they had lots of fun together!

Here are a few pictures from our week...

Enjoying a beautiful fall day!

She was playing while I was working from home. She got quiet and when I looked down this is what I found.

She likes to slap her hands on her highchair

Hanging out with Aunt Courtney

Playing with Momaw

Playing with Papaw

Hanging out with Nanny

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