Tuesday, April 5, 2011

14 Months

These posts take a bit more time due to the photo editing and for whatever reason I've put it off the past few months. I kept my notes on what she was doing so now it's time to get caught up!

At 14 months, Emma Claire was:

  • Wearing mostly 9-12, still has a few 6-9 things she can wear

  • Size 3 diapers

  • Sleeps 10-11 hours at night is for the most part is down to one nap during the day

  • Weaned to morning and evening feedings only

  • Says bird, baby, book, ball, "ba" for balloon, bubble, kitty, mama, dada, woof woof, duck, bye bye

  • Signs more, milk, all done, and please. Please is my very favorite - she can get ANYTHING she wants I think just by signing please.

  • Understands simple directions from us - on your bottom, push the button, etc.

  • Can stand up without holding onto anything

  • Can stand from sitting on her own (without pulling up on anything)

  • Cruises with ease, speed crawls, & attempts to climb objects

  • Takes 5-10 steps on her own. We are expecting her to take off any day now.

  • Mastering toys that require placing objects in holes, putting shapes into certain places, etc.

  • Mimicing us more - I have a tickle game that I play with her and she has started to mimic the sound & arm motions I make and play back with me.

  • Can point her belly, eye, nose, & ear by name.

  • Loves birds, books, balloons, playing outside, bathtime

Here is her 13 - 14 Month comparison picture. Click to enlarge.

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