Saturday, March 26, 2011

B is for Books, Balloons, & Birds

"B" seems to be the favorite letter right now at our house. Emma Claire is into books, balloons, and birds all of which she can also say. She reads during diaper changes, when she's getting dressed/undressed, in the bathtub (tub books), in the car, etc. She recently started crawling up into her chair with a book to look at. She is really enjoying touch and feel books and lift the flap books these days.

Reading while Daddy dries her hair

She also loves balloons. We kept her birthday balloon tied to her highchair until he finally died about a month after her birthday. You can ask her where her balloon is and she will point to it or grab it while saying balloon. She also gets really excited by all of the balloons in our Kroger produce department. We ended up replacing her birthday balloon with a new one since she loves them so much.

And lastly, she loves birds. They have a bird feeder at one of the windows in her classroom and also at Grandma and Pops house and she loves to watch the birds. She also has learned to identify Big Bird and will point to him and say bird. It's probably my favorite word that she says right now because it sounds so sweet. I'll try to get a video soon.

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