Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Adventures in Daycare

The #1 reason I resisted daycare for the first 10 months of Emma Claire's life was the inevitable sickness that goes with it. I love that she obviously loves it & is thriving but I absolutely hate the sickness that goes with the territory. We are now on count it... ROUND 3 of antibiotics for Emma Claire's ear infection that just won't go away. She has had it for going on a month now. Somewhere in the midst of that she also managed to catch the stomach virus which she shared with Kyle who unknowingly shared with his Mom, Dad, and Brother. By some miracle I managed to escape it other then being fully initiated into motherhood by Emma Claire throwing up all over me. Hopefully this latest round is what she needs to be on the mend and our household to return to health! I have to say through all of it she has been a complete trooper! The stomach virus barely slowed her down.

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