Wednesday, May 4, 2011

15 Months

Our sweet girl is getting so big! Here is what she is up to this month:

  • Mostly 9-12 Month Clothes

  • Size 3 Diapers

  • Weaned - we dropped her morning feeding first and then her evening feeding. It was a farily easy transition for her and a bittersweet one for Mommy!

  • Walking!

  • Very verbal! Her teachers are amazed at the words she knows and has even starting stringing a few together... "Bye Mama" "Bye Bye Dog Dog". She will also string signs together "more milk".

  • New words: No No (while shaking her head back and forth), Outside, Thank You, Katie, Grandma, Night Night, Bobble (Brayden's nickname), Erin (teacher), "at" (hat), Fall Down (see next bullet), Shoes, Good Girl, Nana, Lane Lane (cousin), Hello. She's several others only once or twice and not consistently saying them yet.

  • Can respond with the appropriate animal sound if you ask her what does X say for cow, dog, cat, bird, duck, pig.

  • Current loves are birds, hats, anything outdoors, Savannah, and balls. Anything round is a ball (cantalopes, watermelons, etc.).

  • Loves to play Ring a Round the Rosie

  • Has become quite the dancer - as soon as she hears music she starts dancing and sometimes clapping

  • Enjoys play that involves getting objects out of a container and putting them back in one by one (animals into Noah's Ark, etc.)

Here is her 14 Month 15 Month comparison photo. Click to enlarge.

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