Monday, September 26, 2011

19 Months

We have reached the point where she's no longer our baby - she's definitely our toddler!

  • She is wearing 18 months now in most clothes, size 4 shoes, size 4 diapers.

  • Her vocabulary has exploded - she communicates exceptionally well for her age.

  • Her temper has also started to come out more - we are having to work on asking nicely for things rather than hollering and she is starting to test boundaries.

  • Knows quite a few of her colors & shapes - our favorite "lellow"

  • The rest of her teeth are finally coming in - with her cuspids & molars has come quite the whiny hiney! We'll be happy when these last few breakthrough and hopefully her normal demeanor returns.

  • Is finally feeding herself from a spoon without creating a total disaster! This is particulary handy in the morning when she can now feed herself her yogurt.

  • LOVES to brush her teeth. If you ask her if she wants to go brush her teeth, she runs giggling to the bathroom to get her toothbrush.

  • Has starting participating in saying her prayers at night. At the end of our normal prayer, we say "God Bless".... and name off family, friends, etc. On several occasions she has named people but last night when we got to that point she launched right in on her own. We caught Mommy, Daddy, and then a string that we couldn't make out. So adorable!

  • Begs to play with my iPad - she loves a flashcard app that shows a picture of an animal, transportation, etc. and the accompanying sound & name and also an Elmo ABC app.

  • Is OBSESSED with school buses! She loves playing with her musical school bus and on the way to/from school if she hears one she will scream BUS! Followed by swish swish with the hand motions (for the wipers).

  • Loves puzzles - most mornings when I drop her off at school she goes straight for the puzzles.

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