Thursday, June 24, 2010

18 Weeks

Welcome to Teething! Yes that's right, Emma Claire is getting her first tooth at 18 weeks (12 adjusted). She's been chewing on her tongue and hands and slobbering/blowing bubbles for a few weeks now but it escalated this past weekend. She also was fussy even after sleeping & eating so we took a peak at her gums and low and behold she is getting a tooth on her bottom right. She is still sleeping well at night (thank goodness).

Other happenings this week included:
  • More giggles - a few giggle fits rather then a short giggle
  • Holding toys in her hand - you have to put it there but she will hold onto it and play with it
  • Loves the sound of rattles - if she is crying I can distract her for quite awhile by shaking a rattle
  • More swimming - she loves it!

Worn out after swimming

All our pictures this week are of sleeping - she does do more then just nap I promise. She's just so precious and peaceful while sleeping :)

I was telling Kyle tonight that Emma Claire was going to be a Daddy's girl and he said he was thinking on his way to pick her up today that he was in trouble. So I never forget it, he said "If she asked me today for a pony, I'd have it here by Monday."

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