Thursday, July 8, 2010

20 Weeks

Emma Claire celebrated her first 4th of July this past week. It was also Uncle Scott and Tyler's (cousin) birthdays so we celebrated with Kyle's family. Emma Claire also met her Great Aunt Jill for the first time as she was in town from Wyoming.

Emma Claire and Aunt Jill

Worn out!

Kisses from Aunt Anne

She is changing a lot these days and getting to be such a big girl! She's alot of fun - I miss her when she is sleeping and can't wait until she gets up to play with her. We had to pack up the 0-3 month pj's this week due to length (Mommy was quite sad about this) and she is now wearing 3-6 months. She can still wear her 0-3 month dresses, onesies, etc.

She's really starting to move around. She's rolling to her side on hard surfaces now and yesterday we laid her down on activity mat and came back and she was facing the opposite direction. I have no idea how she did this.

She sits up great with support and her legs are getting stronger and stronger. She loves to stand up in your lap and jump. She's now jumping in her jumperoo some and playing with the toys attached to it.

She is starting to get into more of a schedule. Her naps are beginning to resemble 1 morning and 1 long afternoon nap and then she is awake until bedtime. She has been pushing her bedtime back and most nights we lay her down between 9-10 (It's getting closer and closer to 9). We are learning she can't be as on the go as she used to be - we need to be home so she can get a good nap in or we all suffer later. But all in all it's making for a happier girl and its definitely much easier on the days I work from home.

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