Thursday, August 19, 2010

25 & 26 Weeks

Our sweet baby girl was 6 months old this Wednesday - more on that in another post. Here is what we have been up to these past two weeks. Emma Claire has continued to sleep through most nights going 9-10 hours. We made our first official attempt at food - bananas. She didn't seem to love it. She took a few tastes and then pursed her lips together and was done. We'll see how the second attempt goes. She loves Savannah and all dogs for that matter. She loves to watch them and often she will giggle at Savannah. She's been a little fussy these past 2 days and wants to chew on anything in sight so I'm thinking she'll be cutting a tooth any day now.

Sleepy girl modeling her big girl shorts!
Trying some bananas
Can I just eat my hands?

We love Duke!

Playing at Miss Erica's (our sitter) with Jameson (her son). They are becoming buddies.

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